Jun 5, 2011

Magento 1.5: Cannot login to admin panel after fresh install

After installing magento 1.5, I tried to login to the admin panel with correct username and password, but it does not let me in without any error message. This is due to cookie problem in magento and can be fixed as below:

Open this file in your favorite editor: app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Session/Abstract/Varien.php

Comment lines that says like (probably line number 81 to 83)




Now you could login to your admin panel without any problem.


  • I ran into this same problem a while back… sadly I wish I would have came across your fix sooner. Great Post! Keep em up….

  • Hi Kalpesh,

    I have done what you said above, but i still can’t login to magento admin panel. my magento version
    I comment that code, clear cache & session, also increase the limit of cookies, in firebug there is display “Adminhtml” in cookies tab.

    Plz help me. waiting for your reply.


    • Hi Nayan, comment below lines of code in the same file. It should be between lines 90 and 102.

      if (!$cookieParams['httponly']) {
          if (!$cookieParams['secure']) {
              if (!$cookieParams['domain']) {

      if (isset($cookieParams['domain'])) {
          $cookieParams['domain'] = $cookie->getDomain();
  • Thanks for this. Not sure why this issue popped up today, but could not log in and found a lot of different pieces of advice. This solved the problem.

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