Sep 13, 2012

Magento: Submitting form in admin redirects to dashboard

When trying to submit a form which is created in admin, it redirects to dashboard no matter how much you try. I faced this problem and tried many things but without any luck. Everything was running, for file upload I had enctype=”multipart/form-data” in form, checked the form action through firebug and run it directly in browser URL which was also going good. After so much frustration, googled the problem and found that I was not the only one to face this problem.

Finally, got one forum where I found the solution to this problem. In Magento, when submitting the form, you need to have one extra hidden field, with name “form_key” which should have form’s key value from session. Here is the line of code, which helped me in posting form successfully.

<input name="form_key" type="hidden" value="<?php echo Mage::getSingleton('core/session')->getFormKey() ?>" />

Hope this helps some frustrated mind 🙂


  • I was using custom form in magento backend after a long time, the action URL was correct but still it was not submitting the form and redirect it to the dashboard. after trying for an hour then I gave up and searched in google and found this post, then I remembered that I was missing this piece of the puzzle.

    Thanks alot, it really helped.

  • Beautiful! Single line solve the problem.
    Thanks alot!

  • Thanks dude… 🙂
    You made my day…


  • Where do I put that code?

  • I need to redirect to my controller action from a .js file. hw can i do this? i am facing the same problem. Though i typed my action name in the browser url also not working. whats wrong with my controller?

    • Make sure you are passing form-key along with url if redirecting in admin. If that too doesn’t work, check if you have “Action” suffix in the controller action method name.

      • I checked everything kalpesh, but not working

  • Excellent. I was going crazy with this item.

    Work fine. Thanks alot!

  • thanks dude i was going to lose it

  • I met same issue from magento admin. So I added one line code you posted in my custom form.
    My custom form including upload file function.
    when I upload small file, it is working well. but when I try with big file, it still redirecting to dashboard. also not saved data.
    do you have any idea about my issue?

  • your post is always very informative thanks.

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