Jun 10, 2011

InkFruit.com – launched in Magento

Inkfruit.comAfter so much of hard work and less time to complete, finally we launched our old core PHP website in Magento.

At beginning, the task was the tough nut to crack, but then it was more interesting and honestly we loved it.

Magento is really far more different and complex than other frameworks, cms and commerce softwares.
It has got the power to make a giant eCommerce website but beware, it is also too slow and resouce-hungry.
It has everything you want during development, you just need to know from where and how to get and use it.

There were many things we learned through the process.

It has everything the magento website can have, from core module rewrites to EAV module.

Plenty of customization but no changes in core!

It was really a great experience and things in Magento are far more clear to us now.


  • hey its really nice! Which Magento plan did u use??? And which theme for the above design? Did you incorporate your own css or just edited Magento’s theme from the given editing options??

  • Hi Abhyuday. We are using community edition (CE) of Magento. We have created our own theme including js and css to meet the requirement.

  • Great work on the site kalpesh, The module use for the customer images upload and royalty module is it avaliable on the net ? designsbyhumans also use something similar.

  • hi kalpesh,
    m creating magento theme for collage project and try to create portal like inkfruit. m using custom menu extension by web-experiment this extension good in hellowired theme by hellowthemes there it show menu in blocks but creating problem in wine shop theme by EMthemes, when i install extension on enabling custom menu it is not showing any menu.
    so plz help…………..

    • Sorry but I need to see the code to better understand the problem

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