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Jul 18, 2013
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Jul 21, 2012

Migrate magento to new server / domain / database / host

Move or migrate magento to new server, domain, database, host, anything by following the steps below.

To configure your Magento with a new domain, you will need to do following steps:

- Copy whole Magento project from current server and paste it to the new server.
You can do server-to-server transfer. First, tar.gz your magento project
tar -cvf magento.tar.gz magento
Then copy it to your new server from old server
scp magento.tar.gz

- Backup the database (Admin -> System -> Tools -> Backup)
You can also take backup through phpMyAdmin, or by mysql.
mysqldump -u user -p database > /path/to/keep/db.sql

- Logout from your old server. Login to new server.
Extract the file magento.tar.gz that you sent from old server
tar -zxvf magento.tar.gz
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