May 4, 2017

Redirect request with POST data using .htaccess

By default, if you want to redirect request with POST data, browser redirects it via GET with 302 redirect. This also drops all the POST data associated with the request. Browser does this as a precaution to prevent any unintentional re-submitting of POST transaction.

But what if you want to redirect anyway POST request with it’s data? In HTTP 1.1, there is a status code for this. Status code 307 indicates that the request should be repeated with the same HTTP method and data. So your POST request will be repeated along with it’s data if you use this status code.

If the 307 status code is received in response to a request other than GET or HEAD, the user agent MUST NOT automatically redirect the request unless it can be confirmed by the user, since this might change the conditions under which the request was issued.

I did this in one of the website to redirect HTTP request to HTTPS for a specific page.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !443
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} string_to_match_in_url
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [L,R=307]

For this to work, you need to have mod_rewrite enabled on the server. The first RewriteCond checks if the request is NOT coming as HTTPS, otherwise it will go in endless loop. If yes, the second RewriteCond checks if the URL contains a string we are looking for. Then if that URL is being submitted as POST method. If everything matches, then we redirect the request using HTTPS secure protocol retaining the POST method and the associated data.

Apr 17, 2017

Magento 2 upgrade from 2.0.* to latest version using composer via CLI

In this post I will show you how to upgrade Magento 2.0.5 (2.0.*) to 2.1.6 which is latest CE version as of today. We will do it using composer via server command-line interface. It is recommended to take code and DB backup and do this upgrade on your development/stage server first.

Magento 2 comes with Web Setup Wizard (under Admin > System) where you can upgrade from admin panel itself, but for some reason it was always failing for me at Readiness Check’s Component Dependency check.

Step 1.) Edit the composer.json which should be located at the root of your store. Change version and magento/product-community-edition from 2.0.* (whatever you have currently) to 2.1.6 or any latest version you wish to upgrade to. Also change sample data versions from 100.0.* to 100.1.*

    "name": "magento/project-community-edition",
    "description": "eCommerce Platform for Growth (Community Edition)",
    "type": "project",
    "version": "2.1.6",
    "require": {
        "magento/product-community-edition": "2.1.6",
        "composer/composer": "@alpha",
        "magento/module-bundle-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-theme-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-widget-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-catalog-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-customer-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-cms-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-tax-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-review-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-catalog-rule-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-sales-rule-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-sales-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-grouped-product-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-downloadable-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-msrp-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-configurable-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-product-links-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-wishlist-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-swatches-sample-data": "100.1.*",
        "magento/sample-data-media": "100.1.*",
        "magento/module-offline-shipping-sample-data": "100.1.*"

Step 2.) composer update (Run this command on the server/terminal. You may need to create GitHub OAuth token to pass the rate limit. Login to your Github account (or create one) and head to Developer Settings > Personal access tokens and generate new token with full control of private repositories.)
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Nov 17, 2016

Magento: Multiple security vulnerabilities in Aheadworks Follow up Email extension

IMPORTANT: If you are using this extension in any of the Magento store, please patch or upgrade it immediately if you have not done it yet. You can find more details on the affected versions and patches here:

While modifying Aheadworks follow up extension on our store to meet our specific requirements, I discovered multiple security vulnerabilities in the extension. As the vulnerabilities were pretty serious, I immediately sent my discoveries to Magento team which they promptly sent to Aheadworks team. Aheadworks was quick enough to fix the vulnerabilities and rolled out the patches.

Link of the extension in Magento Marketplace:
It allows store owners to send automated emails to customers who had abandoned their cart.
Aheadworks follow up email extension

All the below vulnerabilities were found in the extension.

1. SQL injection
2. Directory Traversal vulnerability
Attacker can traverse to any directory on the server. In earlier PHP versions (prior to 5.3.4), attacker can read any file on server including /etc/passwd
3. Unrestricted Directories creation
Attacker can create any number of directories and subdirectories with their desired name wherever web server has permissions

I will not disclose any technical details and PoC of the vulnerabilties here to prevent wild exploits on Magento websites having this extension installed.

Oct 6, 2016 – Discovered the SQL injection vulnerability
Oct 6, 2016 – Emailed the vulnerability to Magento security and marketplace team
Oct 7, 2016 – Emailed the vulnerability to Magento team
Oct 7, 2016 – Magento forwarded my discoveries to Aheadworks team
Oct 11, 2016 – Aheadworks released new version 3.6.6 and patch for older versions of the extension
Oct 25, 2016 – Found further vulnerabilities on the same controller action, this time Directory Traversal and Unrestricted Directories creation vulnerabilities
Oct 25, 2016 – Emailed the details to Magento team, they promptly notified to Aheadworks team
Oct 27, 2016 – Fixed the vulnerabilities in new version 3.6.7 and released the patch for older versions

Mar 28, 2016

[Resolved] WordPress update error

If you are getting below (or any WordPress update) error when you are updating your WordPress to latest version, the problem could be:

500 Internal Server Error

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_oembed_add_host_js() in /var/www/production/blog/wp-admin/about.php on line 31

PHP version. Make sure the PHP version you have meets the required PHP version of new WordPress update.
Opcode cache. If you are using opcode cache like APC, clear the cache.
WordPress cache. Flush the WordPress cache (Wordfence, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, etc.) you are using.
CloudFlare. If you are using external cache like CloudFlare, make sure you also flush it if you still see the above error.

Refresh the update page and see if this resolves for you!

Feb 16, 2016

Magento 2 events observer list

Below is a list of all the events dispatched that you can observe in your Magento 2 web store.

Magento 2 Events Observer list:

'backend_auth_user_login_success', ['user' => $this->getCredentialStorage()]
'backend_auth_user_login_failed', ['user_name' => $username, 'exception' => $e]
'backend_auth_user_login_failed', ['user_name' => $username, 'exception' => $e]
'adminhtml_store_edit_form_prepare_form', ['block' => $this]
'adminhtml_block_html_before', ['block' => $this]
'backend_block_widget_grid_prepare_grid_before', ['grid' => $this, 'collection' => $this->getCollection()]
'store_group_save', ['group' => $groupModel]
'store_delete', ['store' => $model]
'sales_quote_item_qty_set_after', ['item' => $this]
'sales_quote_item_set_product', ['product' => $product, 'quote_item' => $this]
'sales_quote_collect_totals_before', ['quote' => $quote]
'sales_quote_collect_totals_after', ['quote' => $quote]
'sales_quote_address_collect_totals_before', [
'sales_quote_address_collect_totals_after', [
$this->_eventPrefix . '_import_data_before', [$this->_eventObject => $this, 'input' => $data]
'sales_convert_quote_to_order', ['order' => $order, 'quote' => $object->getQuote()]
'items_additional_data', ['item' => $item]
'checkout_submit_before', ['quote' => $quote]
'checkout_submit_all_after', ['order' => $order, 'quote' => $quote]
'sales_model_service_quote_submit_before', [
'sales_model_service_quote_submit_success', [
'sales_model_service_quote_submit_failure', [
'prepare_catalog_product_collection_prices', ['collection' => $productCollection, 'store_id' => $this->getStoreId()]
'sales_quote_item_collection_products_after_load', ['collection' => $productCollection]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_load_after', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
'sales_quote_remove_item', ['quote_item' => $item]
'sales_quote_add_item', ['quote_item' => $item]
'sales_quote_product_add_after', ['items' => $items]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_merge_before', [$this->_eventObject => $this, 'source' => $quote]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_merge_after', [$this->_eventObject => $this, 'source' => $quote]
'salesrule_validator_process', [
'sales_quote_address_discount_item', $eventArgs
'sales_quote_address_discount_item', $eventArgs
'salesrule_rule_get_coupon_types', ['transport' => $transport]
'salesrule_rule_condition_combine', ['additional' => $additional]
'adminhtml_promo_quote_edit_tab_main_prepare_form', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_promo_quote_edit_tab_coupons_form_prepare_form', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_block_salesrule_actions_prepareform', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_block_promo_widget_chooser_prepare_collection', ['collection' => $collection]
'adminhtml_controller_salesrule_prepare_save', ['request' => $this->getRequest()]
'clean_cache_by_tags', ['object' => $this->cacheContext]
'paypal_express_place_order_success', [
'catalog_product_validate_variations_before', ['product' => $parentProduct, 'variations' => $products]
'rss_catalog_review_collection_select', ['collection' => $collection]
'review_review_collection_load_before', ['collection' => $this]
'rating_rating_collection_load_before', ['collection' => $this]
'review_controller_product_init_before', ['controller_action' => $this]
'review_controller_product_init', ['product' => $product]
'review_controller_product_init_after', ['product' => $product, 'controller_action' => $this]
'wishlist_item_collection_products_after_load', ['product_collection' => $productCollection]
'wishlist_add_item', ['item' => $item]
'wishlist_product_add_after', ['items' => $items]
'rss_wishlist_xml_callback', $args
'product_option_renderer_init', ['block' => $this]
'wishlist_add_product', ['wishlist' => $wishlist, 'product' => $product, 'item' => $result]
'wishlist_share', ['wishlist' => $wishlist]
'wishlist_update_item', ['wishlist' => $wishlist, 'product' => $product, 'item' => $wishlist->getItem($id)]
'catalog_product_prepare_index_select', [
'prepare_catalog_product_collection_prices', ['collection' => $selections, 'store_id' => $product->getStoreId()]
'catalog_product_get_final_price', ['product' => $product, 'qty' => $qty]
'catalog_product_get_final_price', ['product' => $product, 'qty' => $bundleQty]
'catalog_product_option_price_configuration_after', ['configObj' => $configObj]
'catalog_product_get_final_price', ['product' => $product, 'qty' => $this->bundleProduct->getQty()]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_move_before', $eventParams
$this->_eventPrefix . '_move_after', $eventParams
'category_move', $eventParams
'catalog_category_change_products', ['category' => $category, 'product_ids' => $productIds]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_load_before', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_load_after', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_add_is_active_filter', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
'catalog_category_tree_init_inactive_category_ids', ['tree' => $this]
'catalog_category_flat_loadnodes_before', ['select' => $select]
'catalog_category_tree_init_inactive_category_ids', ['tree' => $this]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_load_before', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_load_after', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_add_is_active_filter', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
'catalog_product_delete_after_done', ['product' => $object]
'prepare_catalog_product_index_select', [
'catalog_prepare_price_select', $eventArgs
'catalog_product_collection_load_after', ['collection' => $this]
'catalog_product_collection_before_add_count_to_categories', ['collection' => $this]
'catalog_product_collection_apply_limitations_after', ['collection' => $this]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_validate_before', $this->_getEventData()
$this->_eventPrefix . '_validate_after', $this->_getEventData()
'catalog_product_is_salable_before', ['product' => $this]
'catalog_product_is_salable_after', ['product' => $this, 'salable' => $object]
$eventName, ['transport' => $transport, 'buy_request' => $buyRequest, 'product' => $product]
'catalog_product_get_final_price', ['product' => $product, 'qty' => $qty]
'catalog_product_attribute_update_before', ['attributes_data' => &$attrData, 'product_ids' => &$productIds, 'store_id' => &$storeId]
'adminhtml_product_attribute_types', ['response' => $response]
'rss_catalog_notify_stock_collection_select', ['collection' => $collection]
'clean_cache_by_tags', ['object' => $this->cacheContext]
'adminhtml_catalog_category_tabs', ['tabs' => $this]
'adminhtml_catalog_category_edit_prepare_form', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_catalog_category_tree_is_moveable', ['options' => $options]
'adminhtml_catalog_category_tree_can_add_root_category', ['category' => $this->getCategory(), 'options' => $options, 'store' => $this->getStore()->getId()]
'adminhtml_catalog_category_tree_can_add_sub_category', ['category' => $this->getCategory(), 'options' => $options, 'store' => $this->getStore()->getId()]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_grid_prepare_massaction', ['block' => $this]
'catalog_product_gallery_prepare_layout', ['block' => $this]
'product_attribute_grid_build', ['grid' => $this]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_attribute_set_toolbar_main_html_before', ['block' => $this]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_attribute_set_main_html_before', ['block' => $this]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_edit_prepare_form', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_edit_element_types', ['response' => $response]
'adminhtml_product_attribute_types', ['response' => $response]
'product_attribute_form_build_main_tab', ['form' => $form]
'product_attribute_form_build_front_tab', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_attribute_edit_frontend_prepare_form', ['form' => $form, 'attribute' => $attributeObject]
'product_attribute_form_build', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_form_prepare_excluded_field_list', ['object' => $this]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_edit_tab_attributes_create_html_before', ['block' => $this]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_edit_prepare_form', ['form' => $form, 'layout' => $this->getLayout()]
'adminhtml_catalog_product_edit_element_types', ['response' => $response]
'shortcut_buttons_container', [
'catalog_product_view_config', ['response_object' => $responseObject]
'catalog_product_upsell', ['product' => $product, 'collection' => $this->_itemCollection, 'limit' => null]
'catalog_block_product_list_collection', ['collection' => $this->_getProductCollection()]
'catalog_product_option_price_configuration_after', ['configObj' => $configObj]
'catalog_block_product_status_display', ['status' => $statusInfo]
'rss_catalog_category_xml_callback', ['product' => $product]
'rss_catalog_new_xml_callback', ['row' => $item->getData(), 'product' => $item
'rss_catalog_special_xml_callback', ['row' => $item->getData(), 'product' => $item
'catalog_category_prepare_save', ['category' => $category, 'request' => $this->getRequest()]
'category_prepare_ajax_response', ['response' => $eventResponse, 'controller' => $this]
'catalog_controller_category_delete', ['category' => $category]
'catalog_product_to_website_change', ['products' => $productIds]
'controller_action_catalog_product_save_entity_after', ['controller' => $this]
'catalog_product_edit_action', ['product' => $product]
'catalog_product_new_action', ['product' => $product]
'catalog_product_gallery_upload_image_after', ['result' => $result, 'action' => $this]
'catalog_controller_category_init_after', ['category' => $category, 'controller_action' => $this]
'catalog_product_compare_remove_product', ['product' => $item]
'catalog_product_compare_add_product', ['product' => $product]
'catalog_controller_product_init_before', ['controller_action' => $controller, 'params' => $params]
'catalog_controller_product_init_after', ['product' => $product, 'controller_action' => $controller]
'catalog_controller_product_view', ['product' => $product]
'assign_theme_to_stores_after', ['stores' => $stores, 'scope' => $scope, 'theme' => $theme]
'page_block_html_topmenu_gethtml_before', ['menu' => $this->_menu, 'block' => $this]
'page_block_html_topmenu_gethtml_after', ['menu' => $this->_menu, 'transportObject' => $transportObject]
'gift_options_prepare_items', ['items' => $entityItems]
'customer_session_init', ['customer_session' => $this]
'customer_login', ['customer' => $customer]
'customer_data_object_login', ['customer' => $this->getCustomerDataObject()]
'customer_data_object_login', ['customer' => $customer]
'customer_logout', ['customer' => $this->getCustomer()]
'customer_customer_authenticated', ['model' => $this, 'password' => $password]
'customer_validate', ['customer' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'customer_customer_authenticated', ['model' => $customerModel, 'password' => $password]
'customer_data_object_login', ['customer' => $customer]
'customer_save_after_data_object', ['customer_data_object' => $savedCustomer, 'orig_customer_data_object' => $customer]
'visitor_init', ['visitor' => $this]
'visitor_activity_save', ['visitor' => $this]
'customer_address_format', ['type' => $formatType, 'address' => $this]
'adminhtml_block_html_before', ['block' => $this]
'customer_register_success', ['account_controller' => $this, 'customer' => $customer]
'adminhtml_customer_prepare_save', ['customer' => $customer, 'request' => $request]
'adminhtml_customer_save_after', ['customer' => $customer, 'request' => $request]
'catalog_product_prepare_index_select', [
'on_view_report', ['report' => 'search']
'sales_prepare_amount_expression', ['collection' => $this, 'expression_object' => $expressionTransferObject]
'adminhtml_widget_grid_filter_collection', ['collection' => $this->getCollection(), 'filter_values' => $this->_filterValues]
'clean_cache_after_reindex', ['object' => $this->context]
'checkout_type_multishipping_set_shipping_items', ['quote' => $quote]
'checkout_type_multishipping_create_orders_single', ['order' => $order, 'address' => $address, 'quote' => $this->getQuote()]
'checkout_submit_all_after', ['orders' => $orders, 'quote' => $this->getQuote()]
'checkout_multishipping_refund_all', ['orders' => $orders]
'multishipping_checkout_controller_success_action', ['order_ids' => $ids]
'checkout_controller_multishipping_shipping_post', ['request' => $this->getRequest(), 'quote' => $this->_getCheckout()->getQuote()]
'adminhtml_cms_page_edit_tab_main_prepare_form', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_cms_page_edit_tab_design_prepare_form', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_cms_page_edit_tab_content_prepare_form', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_cms_page_edit_tab_meta_prepare_form', ['form' => $form]
'cms_controller_router_match_before', ['router' => $this, 'condition' => $condition]
'cms_page_prepare_save', ['page' => $model, 'request' => $this->getRequest()]
'adminhtml_cmspage_on_delete', ['title' => $title, 'status' => 'success']
'adminhtml_cmspage_on_delete', ['title' => $title, 'status' => 'fail']
'cms_page_render', ['page' => $this->_page, 'controller_action' => $action]
'cms_wysiwyg_images_static_urls_allowed', ['result' => $checkResult, 'store_id' => $this->_storeId]
'sales_order_place_before', ['order' => $this]
'sales_order_place_after', ['order' => $this]
'order_cancel_after', ['order' => $this]
'sales_convert_order_to_quote', ['order' => $order, 'quote' => $quote]
'sales_convert_order_item_to_quote_item', ['order_item' => $orderItem, 'quote_item' => $item]
'checkout_submit_all_after', ['order' => $order, 'quote' => $quote]
'sales_order_status_unassign', [
'email_invoice_comment_set_template_vars_before', ['sender' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'email_invoice_set_template_vars_before', ['sender' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'email_order_set_template_vars_before', ['sender' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'email_shipment_comment_set_template_vars_before', ['sender' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'email_shipment_set_template_vars_before', ['sender' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'email_creditmemo_comment_set_template_vars_before', ['sender' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'email_creditmemo_set_template_vars_before', ['sender' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'email_order_comment_set_template_vars_before', ['sender' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'sales_order_item_cancel', ['item' => $this]
'sales_order_payment_place_start', ['payment' => $this]
'sales_order_payment_place_end', ['payment' => $this]
'sales_order_payment_pay', ['payment' => $this, 'invoice' => $invoice]
'sales_order_payment_cancel_invoice', ['payment' => $this, 'invoice' => $invoice]
'sales_order_payment_void', ['payment' => $this, 'invoice' => $document]
'sales_order_payment_refund', ['payment' => $this, 'creditmemo' => $creditmemo]
'sales_order_payment_cancel_creditmemo', ['payment' => $this, 'creditmemo' => $creditmemo]
'sales_order_payment_cancel', ['payment' => $this]
'sales_order_invoice_pay', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
'sales_order_invoice_cancel', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
'sales_order_invoice_register', [$this->_eventObject => $this, 'order' => $order]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_html_txn_id', $this->_getEventData()
'sales_order_payment_capture', ['payment' => $payment, 'invoice' => $invoice]
'customer_address_format', ['type' => $formatType, 'address' => $address]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_set_sales_order', ['collection' => $this, $this->_eventObject => $this, 'order' => $order]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_load_after', [$this->_eventObject => $this]
'sales_sale_collection_query_before', ['collection' => $this]
$object->getEventPrefix() . '_save_attribute_before', [
$object->getEventPrefix() . '_save_attribute_after', [
'sales_order_state_change_before', ['order' => $this, 'transport' => $transport]
'sales_order_creditmemo_cancel', ['creditmemo' => $creditmemo]
'sales_order_creditmemo_refund', ['creditmemo' => $creditmemo]
$this->_eventPrefix . '_sales_email_general_async_sending_' . $state,
$this->_eventPrefix . '_dev_grid_async_indexing_' . $state,
'rss_order_new_collection_select', ['collection' => $collection]
'adminhtml_customer_orders_add_action_renderer', ['renderer' => $this, 'row' => $row]
'adminhtml_sales_order_creditmemo_register_before', ['creditmemo' => $creditmemo, 'input' => $this->getCreditmemo()]
'adminhtml_sales_order_create_process_data_before', $eventData
'admin_sales_order_address_update', [
'tax_rate_data_fetch', ['request' => $request, 'sender' => $this]
'adminhtml_cache_refresh_type', ['type' => 'block_html']
'checkout_type_onepage_save_order_after', ['order' => $order, 'quote' => $this->getQuote()]
'checkout_submit_all_after', [
'custom_quote_process', ['checkout_session' => $this]
'checkout_quote_init', ['quote' => $quote]
'load_customer_quote_before', ['checkout_session' => $this]
'checkout_quote_destroy', ['quote' => $this->getQuote()]
'restore_quote', ['order' => $order, 'quote' => $quote]
'checkout_cart_product_add_after', ['quote_item' => $result, 'product' => $product]
'checkout_cart_update_items_before', ['cart' => $this, 'info' => $infoDataObject]
'checkout_cart_update_items_after', ['cart' => $this, 'info' => $infoDataObject]
'checkout_cart_save_before', ['cart' => $this]
'checkout_cart_save_after', ['cart' => $this]
'checkout_cart_product_update_after', ['quote_item' => $result, 'product' => $product]
'shortcut_buttons_container', [
'checkout_cart_add_product_complete', ['product' => $product, 'request' => $this->getRequest(), 'response' => $this->getResponse()]
'checkout_cart_update_item_complete', ['item' => $item, 'request' => $this->getRequest(), 'response' => $this->getResponse()]
'checkout_onepage_controller_success_action', ['order_ids' => [$session->getLastOrderId()]]
'checkout_controller_onepage_saveOrder', [
'checkout_allow_guest', ['quote' => $quote, 'store' => $store, 'result' => $result]
'controller_action_nocookies', ['action' => $this, 'redirect' => $redirect]
'eav_collection_abstract_load_before', ['collection' => $this]
'adminhtml_block_eav_attribute_edit_form_init', ['form' => $this->getForm()]
'sendfriend_product', ['product' => $product]
'catalog_product_import_bunch_delete_after', ['adapter' => $this, 'bunch' => $bunch]
'catalog_product_import_finish_before', ['adapter' => $this]
'catalog_product_import_bunch_save_after', ['adapter' => $this, 'bunch' => $bunch]
'admin_user_authenticate_before', ['username' => $username, 'user' => $this]
'admin_user_authenticate_after', ['username' => $username, 'password' => $password, 'user' => $this, 'result' => $result]
'permissions_role_html_before', ['block' => $this]
'admin_permissions_role_prepare_save', ['object' => $role, 'request' => $this->getRequest()]
'store_address_format', ['type' => $type, 'store_info' => $storeInfo]
'swatch_gallery_upload_image_after', ['result' => $result, 'action' => $this]
'payment_method_is_active', [
'payment_method_assign_data_' . $this->getCode(), [
'payment_cart_collect_items_and_amounts', ['cart' => $this]
'payment_form_block_to_html_before', ['block' => $this]
'catelogsearch_searchable_attributes_load_after', ['engine' => $this->engine, 'attributes' => $attributes]
'catelogsearch_searchable_attributes_load_after', ['engine' => $this->engine, 'attributes' => $attributes]
'checkout_directpost_placeOrder', [
'clean_cache_by_tags', ['object' => $this]
'adminhtml_promo_catalog_edit_tab_main_prepare_form', ['form' => $form]
'adminhtml_controller_catalogrule_prepare_save', ['request' => $this->getRequest()]
"admin_system_config_changed_section_{$this->getSection()}", ['website' => $this->getWebsite(), 'store' => $this->getStore()]
'adminhtml_system_config_advanced_disableoutput_render_before', ['modules' => $dispatchResult]
'admin_system_config_changed_section_currency_before_reinit', ['website' => $this->_websiteId, 'store' => $this->_storeId]
'admin_system_config_changed_section_currency', ['website' => $this->_websiteId, 'store' => $this->_storeId]

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Magento top 50 contributors

Magento top 50 contributors