Aug 2, 2020

Magento Master 2020 – Makers

Many of you already know, I am selected this year as a Magento Master 2020 in the Makers category. I am very grateful to all the people who encouraged and believed in me during this roller-coaster journey. I am thankful to Ben Marks, Sherrie Rohde and the entire Magento, an Adobe company team who had to put lot of efforts to analyze all the contributors across many categories and narrow it down to the final 20 top contributors in the community.

Magento Masters – Maker category

By definition,  Makers are frequent contributors highly valued by Magento and other community members. They actively engage with others in the Magento Community, sharing ideas, insights, innovations and constructive feedback.

Magento Master - Maker

Rewards and Benefits to the Magento Masters

  • Invitations to special events
  • Involvement in community feedback opportunities
  • Discounts on events and certifications
  • Quarterly Magento Masters calls with the Magento team
  • Recognition at events, including the Magento Imagine conference
  • Introduction into Magento Community Hall of Fame

Magento Master 2020 by country

  • Argentina: 1 (Damián Culotta)
  • Germany: 2 (Oleksandr Lyzun, Andreas von Studnitz)
  • India: 4 (Manthan Dave, Rakesh Jesadiya, Vijay Golani, Ronak Patel)
  • Ireland: 1 (Max Pronko)
  • Italy: 2 (Alessandro Ronchi, Riccardo Tempesta)
  • Japan: 1 (Momoko Asaka)
  • Poland: 1 (Marta Molińska)
  • Slovakia: 1 (Yaroslav Rogoza)
  • Spain: 2 (Ignacio Riesco, Óscar Recio)
  • Ukraine: 4 (Vlad Veselov, Ihor Sviziev, Dmytro Cheshun, Oleksandr Kravchuk)
  • United States: 1 (Kalpesh Mehta)

(Disclaimer: Magento Masters Alumni selections are not included in the above list)

Contributions that I remember I did in 2019

  • Organized Magento meetups in Los Angeles and Mumbai
  • Speaking engagements in Magento events at Mumbai, Kochi, Bangalore and Surat
  • Code contributions to Magento github repo
  • Maintained Magento code repo in github by reviewing community-submitted PRs
  • Contributed a security module (security.txt) to Magento core codebase
  • Magento Translation project contribution for 3 languages
  • Magento knowledge sharing on various platforms – physical and virtual
  • Participated in Contribution Days at the events as a maintainer
  • Hosted Dev Exchange topic on Magento Security during Magento Imagine
  • Participated in Dev Exchange topics at Magento Imagine

Overall, it requires a lot of effort in various categories to get noticed as a top contributor in the community. I am also selected as a top 50 contributor in 2018 and 2019.

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Magento top 50 contributors

Magento top 50 contributors