Feb 12, 2012

Magento add admin user in MySQL

In Magento, if you want to create a new user directly in Mysql, it’s not that easy to insert one record in admin_user table.
You need to also update the privileges and inserting new admin’s roles.
So here is a Mysql script which will create a new admin user with all privileges.

Replace FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, EMAIL, USERNAME, PASSWORD with your desired values.

insert into admin_user
(select max(user_id) + 1 from admin_user) user_id,
'FIRSTNAME' first_name,
'LASTNAME' last_name,
'USERNAME' username,
MD5('PASSWORD') password,
now() created,
NULL modified,
NULL logdate,
0 lognum,
0 reload_acl_flag,
1 is_active,
(select max(extra) from admin_user where extra is not null) extra,

insert into admin_role
(select max(role_id) + 1 from admin_role) role_id,
(select role_id from admin_role where role_name = 'Administrators') parent_id,
2 tree_level,
0 sort_order,
'U' role_type,
(select user_id from admin_user where username = 'USERNAME') user_id,
'USERNAME' role_name


  • Good one…

  • I have created a tool to generate the SQL for you. http://m4tt.io/tools/magento-admin-generator/

    • Good job!

  • Is it possible to set global password for admin ?

  • It is a nice idea to use a salt string with the password.

    $salt = ‘h3ud7’;
    $password = ‘some_secret_passworD_here’;
    $password_hash = md5($salt . $password) . ‘:’ . $salt;

  • nice its really great help for me

  • its really great helps for me

  • great work… i love your snippets ….great work once again

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